Full Alpine Loop - August 2007

I rode the Alpine Loop from my house in Orem today. I've been wanting to do this ride for two years, and Saturday I got my window of opportunity. Since I've done out-n-back rides up AF Canyon to the summit many times, I decided to go up Provo Canyon. I left my house at 8 AM and went up Provo Canyon. There was a pretty good wind coming down the canyon so I stayed on the parkway trail and went slow. I’ve only gone up the Sundance side once last Spring, and it was tough enough that I turned around at Sundance and went back. That section to Sundance has some steep spots (10-11%), but I made it OK this time and kept going up. I’ve always been impressed by the beauty of AF Canyon, but I think the Sundance side of the Loop is better. That upper section with all the Aspens and the fern covered ground - gorgeous. In fact, I couldn’t get too serious about climbing hard because it would have been a sin to not soak in the scenery. I saw a flock of 10-15 wild turkeys. Very few cars - surprising for a Saturday. I reached the top in 1 hour 41 minutes with a climb of 3180’. I rested for a minute or two then headed down. Lots of cyclists coming up the road. More cars coming up, but not many going down so the descent was nice. I made my way through American Fork, Pleasant Grove and Lindon to return home. 41 miles and 3380’ of climbing, finished under 3 hours. The weather was nice, not much traffic, I felt good on the bike and the scenery was incredible - yea, it was a fantastic ride.

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