Winter Fun Day

This morning I drove up to Tible Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon for a quick cross country ski jaunt. I hiked up a trail along a little stream (Deer Creek?). I hiked because there is a steep, short hill that is way easier to walk up than ski and the snowshoers had packed it down good so the going was easy.

After the hill I put on the skies and did the Spike, Barracks and Tree Army Loops of Granite Flat (it's a campground in summer) before exiting out the entrance and skiing down the road and tubing hill to get back to the car. It was a nice 1 hour ski with plenty of light, fluffy snow - in fact it was snowing lightly while I skied.

After the ski, our family went ice skating with my wife's family at The Peaks Arena. (Trivia: Several hockey games for the 2002 Winter Olympics were held at this facility.) We had a fun time with Kade doing better at his run-skating, Kara didn't need to hold on to anyone as much, and Rachel went solo and didn't fall down even once. Afterward we rendezvoused at my wife's parent's house for some home-made soup and rolls, snacks and other goodies. Ya, it was a good winter Saturday.


UtRider said...

Looks awesome from your pictures. Keep eating lots of food this winter. You never know when you'll get stranded in the mountains and need to rely on personal reserves. Plus, the extra insulation keeps you warm.

KanyonKris said...

I see through your advice - now that you're on your training plan you just want me to get fat and slow so I'll be easier fodder when we cycle this Spring. I'm onto you and it won't work! I'm going to start my training any day now and be stronger and faster than ever! But first I need to finish off this box of chocolates, my goody-stuffed Christmas sock, and all the other food we have around here - washed down with glass after glass of egg nog. But I WILL start training someday soon so be very afraid! ;-)