Friday Frisking

A week ago Friday I tried to fix the alarm system at work. It indicated it couldn't call out so I figured I'd clear the error. I found some info on the internet and decided to give it a go.

I set off the alarm but figured since it couldn't call out so it wasn't a problem. I tried several things but couldn't clear the error. I was about to give up when I heard a tap at the front door.

I couldn't see through the tinted glass but unlocked the door anyway. It was a Bluffdale policeman. He asked me to step outside, face away from him and take a wide stance. Then he frisked me.

I was flummoxed but eventually gathered my wits and asked him if it was about the alarm. After he seemed sure I wasn't a criminal he told me they got an alarm code indicating people at our office were being held by armed assailants. Well, that explains his wariness.

He had me sit in the squad car (locked in the back seat cage) while he checked the building. He asked if anyone else was in the building, I told him there was one other guy, the CEO.

This is what the CEO told me: the officer called up the stairs identifying himself as a police officer and telling him to come down. He thought it was me joking around so he blew it off. The officer called up again and as the CEO came down the stairs and turned the corner he sees the policeman with his drawn gun pointed at the ground. The CEO raises his hands and says "Whoooa!". Then the officer frisks him and they walk through the building so the officer can see there is no one else there and everything is OK.

So, me screwing around with the alarm gets me frisked and put in squad car and the CEO facing a drawn gun and then frisked. I'm not sure why I still have a job.


LibPhoto said...

You just wait! No Christmas bonus for you :)

Watcher said...

Great story! (Glad neither of you got shot!)

On another note, if they really believed armed assailants were holding people hostage, maybe they ought to have sent more than 1 cop...

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of those holy crap/not funny moments when it's happening but funny after the fact (though probably not till some time has passed!). You may want to give the CEO a big Christmas present.

I think it is safe to say the CEO is going to hire an alarm system company to fix the alarm next time.

And, I agree with Watcher - only 1 cop for an alarm for an armed assailant holding hostages? Doesn't give you a lot of confidence?!

mtb w

Papa Bear said...

One cop is enough if it's John McClane! (Die Hard)

KanyonKris said...

I agree it's odd they only sent one officer. But I'm glad it was only one, if they had stormed the building I may have wetted myself.

After the adrenaline levels came down we laughed about it and immediately recognized it made a good story.

Yeah, I'm not messing with the alarm ever again.

Nate said...

Nice one. Your "pat down" could have been a TSA story.

bradkeyes said...

Kris, you are a dangerous man. The cop did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I think the officer should be reassigned to Utah's southern border. Or to any border to be PC.
Great story !