Santa, India Style

My aunt Gayle and uncle Don are in Chennai, India. My uncle is there for a six month work project.

They started a blog to chronicle the experience. Plenty of funny moments as these middle-aged Americans experience a place so very different from home. Gayle was thrilled to finally find diet pepsi. The traffic is crazy, bugs get in everything, there are wet and dry toilets, the power goes out a lot, they haven't yet grown an appreciation for the local food, etc. But they are managing, and even enjoying some sight-seeing.

There is a small Mormon congregation there and they had a Christmas party. The highlight was this Indian take on Santa Claus:

I have a new nightmare.


Aaron said...

I was in Chennai last month. Although I loved the visit, I think it would be a tough place to live. As different from here as night and day. Very cool city and people though.

KanyonKris said...

Yeah, I remember you were there. If you want to read more about their adventures, it's here -