Jamie's First Ski

Oops, I've had the draft of this post since mid-February. Better late than never, I guess.

Back on February 9th I took my oldest daughter (19), Jamie, skiing for her first time.

We went to Alta because they have free 2-3 bunny slopes. It worked very well for teaching skiing. Thanks, Alta.

She didn't have any trouble standing and scooting around in skis so we went right to the towrope to try her first slope. She did fine on the towrope, which can be tricky for beginners.

I had talked her through the principles of snowplowing and she went down the slope very well. Then I added turning, and she picked that up quickly too. Pretty soon she was going pretty fast down the slope.

So we went to the next bunny slope that was a little longer. She did good there too. I was impressed how fast she picked it up. So I told her about parallel skiing. She had some trouble here and kept losing her balance, but I'm sure it would just take some time for her to get the feel of it.

At 3pm we joined the line for the Sunnyside lift for free skiing. (Alta opens this lift for free skiing everyday at 3pm.) She did fine getting on and off the chairlift.

She got going a bit too fast on some of the steeper slopes (that's why I gave her my helmet to wear) but overall she did fine.

She's so busy with school and work that it was fun to do this with her. I'm sure if she went one or two more times she'd have the basics of parallel skiing down and able to ski on her own.

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