Dry Canyon Hike

Friday evening I took Kade hiking up Dry Canyon. It was fun to spend time with my boy. I also wanted to see how he'd do hiking and check out a camping spot.

Typical boy mosey along.

The hike was a little over a mile and he did fine.

At the meadow we found this cool hut. (Actually I'd seen it a few years ago since the 051 trail passes by 30 yards away.)

Kade with the requisite walking stick / weapon. Nice and green, it's like a lawn. Snowy Timp makes a nice backdrop.

I wanted to get down before dark, Kade didn't have the same sense of urgency.

He's a little nervous about camping but we're going to try it out next Friday.

Android Sunrise / Sunset Apps

On the hike up I watched the sinking sun and wondered how much daylight we had to complete the hike. I thought for sure I had this info somewhere on my Android phone, but I couldn't find it. So when I got home I installed these two apps:

Sundroid - Clean and simple, just what I needed.

Daytime Widget - Dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk at a glance. And a big countdown to/from the closest event. I liked it so much I put it on my home screen.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good hike with your son. Love the pic w/Timp in the background.

Which Android do you have? Do you have a navigation app, like backcountry navigator?

mtb w

KanyonKris said...

I have a t-mobile vibrant (samsung galaxy s). Powerful, great screen, short battery life.

Bsckcountry navigator looks nice.