Let Me Sum Up

A bit of a blogging drought. You'd think I'd have plenty of time to blog while unemployed. Ironically the job made it easier, I had a routine and nothing much to worry about after leaving work for the day.

So here's the recap:

My oldest daughter turned 20 this week. I'm still reeling from this mind-blower. How is possible for me to be this old? I can't complain, she's a good person, in spite of her father. She finished her Associates degree, is working this Summer, and hopes to get into ultrasound school next year.

Saturday, May 21st, I did the Salt Lake Century. I like the route and it's kind of a tradition, a get-together ride with my cycling buddies from Linux Networx, even though none of them could make it this year. But I did happen to see Bruce (he's ridden with our group several times over the years) at packet pickup so we rode together. We had a great time chatting, enjoying the sunshine, warm air and the most rare cycling miracle of all - a tail wind out AND back.

(Note to self: Never do that pose again.)

The next Saturday I rode up in the foothills. I had some new route ideas and was excited to try them out. I went up the GWT past The Altar to see the avalanche I'd heard about. I found it about 150 yards past the 051 trail fork. It was still over 2 feet deep and right over the trail. I'd never been up GWT past 051 so it was fun to explore. When the snow melts I'll try going higher.

On the way down I turned onto 051 (Area 51 to many locals). It was all dry and in pretty good shape. I made the tight switchback in the gully and all three climbs, so that made me feel good.

I took 051 over to the west face to see if the Arrowleaf Blasamroot (thanks to Alex' blog for the ID) was still in bloom. I think the bloom is even better than a when I rode by a little over a week ago. Better get up there soon to see them, they don't last long once the heat comes.

I was tempted to go down Dry Canyon, it's so much fun. But I wanted to try something different. So I turned around and went down Crank, not a bad downhill ride at all. Then I took Rollercoaster which always has tall grass, but this year it's nuts and will only get taller.

Then I took the little ridge trail over to Ireland and down, because I like the two jumps on Ireland.

I could have taken the road back down, but it's been a long while since I rode Cliff so I took it down and finished off going down the Race Course. I had to take the paved trail back, but it was worth it to get some more single-track.

Nothing on this ride was big news, but simply seeing a little new trail, going the opposite direction and adding on a little more single-track made this a good ride that reminded me why I love mountain biking.

Now I'm down with a cold while the weather has cleared up. It's killing me.

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