Spontaneous St. George

Jolene and I had been going back and forth on going down to St. George. On the drive home after a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house, we decided to do it. Friday morning we packed up the car and headed south.

After dropping off our two youngest at the in-laws we rode Prospector from the Cottonwood trail head. Such a fast, flowy trail.

Then we rode Church Rocks both directions. Here I am chugging up a bumpy slope.

A little ledge dropping.

Then Prospector back to the car.

The next day we met up with Andy and Rhonda to ride Barrel Roll, Precipice, and the Rim trails on the other side of the gulch.

Jolene had done the Rim trails, but this was her first time on Barrel Roll - she liked it.

It had been a long while since we last rode with Andy and Rhonda, it was good to see them again.

It was well worth the drive to get in some Dixie single-track with sunshine and mid-60s (perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cold temperature).

We have an invite to go back after Christmas, we just may do that.


Watcher said...

Man, I just missed you! We were in Santa Clara for the long weekend. Rode Barrel Roll on Friday, then Zen on Saturday. If I'd reversed it I might've run into you guys.

Then again maybe not, because I rode early, early while family was still asleep, and it was still COLD...

Allison said...

Great photos. I think I'm convinced to return to Utah and try the trails in St. George. They look doable.