The New, New Job

Wednesday I started a new job at Fusion-io.

It's kind of a new, new job because I'd only been at the last job at SecureAlert for 5 months. Working at SecureAlert was OK but I didn't love it. So when I got an email from Fusion-io informing me of another open position I went in for interviews. I say "another" because I interviewed at Fusion-io back in February but didn't get the job then, although I was very impressed with the company, products and people.

So now I'm at Fusion-io and really like it. They treat their employees very well. The break room has free soda and other drinks. Lunch is brought in 3 times a week. They sent a welcome package to my home with a hat, bag, water bottle, ear phones and a nice card.

My cube is better than any other place I've worked and came with a glass and thermos with my name on it. My PC is high end with dual monitors, and it arrived the day I started.

I work on the 2nd floor and have a window just outside my cube. The view isn't amazing, but it's nice to have any view at all.

The bathrooms are clean with automatic toilets and sinks (with auto soap dispensers) and include a feature that shocked and delighted me. (Dug, you better be sitting down for this.) Fresh cut flowers. As I washed up the first time, I smelled a floral scent but thought it might just be the soap so I looked closer and was amazed to discover the flowers were real. I mentioned this to a co-worker and was told the company has fresh flowers brought in each week. I'll check out the new arrangement Monday.

By lucky timing I was able to attend the group's team building event with Jolene. We met at Orson Gygi for a Chinese food cooking class. The instructor explained all the courses we would be making then turned us loose. Gail, Jolene and I made Salt and Pepper Shrimp. I'm not into cooking but I did my best chopping peppers, onions and garlic. Also helped with Chocolate Wontons and deep frying the Orange Chicken.

When it was all cooked we ate. There was plenty of food. The Orange Chicken was my favorite.

After the meal we went to the Desert Star Playhouse and watched a spoof on It's a Wonderful Life.

Jolene and I had a good time and got to know the people in my work group.

It's been a tumultuous employment year for me. At the beginning of the year I was laid off from the start-up I had been with for 4 years because they ran out of money. Then I was unemployed for 3 months. Then I was hired in 3 days at SecureAlert and worked 10+ hour days the first month. And now I'm working for a company that didn't hire me the first time around. Life takes strange turns sometimes.


Jake Spurlock said...

Congrats on the new digs!

Allison said...

I am so happy for you. I hate reading that my favorite bloggers are out of work. So, work hard, ride hard and keep blogging!

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm a bit giddy at how I'm liking this new job.

bjchild said...

Kris I've yet to run into you but glad to hear you like the new job so far. I'm up on the fifth floor. We'll have to get out on a lunch ride one of these days. The flowers are pretty cool I must say. You wouldn't think they would put out much of a scent but it's surprising how they do.

taosaur said...

That's not a job; it's a resort 0_0