Bathroom Humor

No, this isn't potty humor. This is literally humor in a bathroom. Wait, come back, it's not gross. Hear me out.

Jolene and I are driving home Saturday and we stop in the Providence development south of Cedar City for dinner. Many restaurants there. Cafe Rio sounds good.

Before eating I pop into the bathroom. As I'm making water (name the movie) I look up at the toilet seat cover dispenser and see something scrawled there:

Free Sombrero.

I chuckled.

Then I remember I'm in a Mexican food restaurant and I chuckle some more.

Then I pictured myself wearing an ass gasket on my head and I chuckle again.

I went out and showed Jolene the photo and she laughed and I laughed with her.

So there, I like low brow humor. And puns too.


Keith Moore said...

Spotted in the men's room of a Mexican restaurant near Seattle:

(Look for the handwriting towards the top of the sign.)

dug said...

hey, free dummy.

KanyonKris said...

Keith, good one, I laughed.

dug, that's Deep.

roan said...

I musta missed the pic of you wearing the ass gasket. Both ends covered, heh?