Corner Canyon Mixer

Met Mark, Matt and Fox for the Corner Canyon tour.

Climbing up the dirt road we happened upon Elden (FatCyclist) who had just finished Jacob's Ladder which was where we were heading. He was game for another lap so he joined us - sporting the new FatCyclist jersey no less.

Mark, Matt, Elden, me. (Thanks for taking the pic, Sly!)

I wasn't anywhere near 100% recovered from the cold I had on Monday and Tuesday. My legs felt weak, but I motored along. I'm glad Mark was in go mellow recovery mode or I may have turned back. I took it easy on the access climb to Jacob's Ladder and did OK, but the legs were lacking any snap and I was breathing way harder than usual.

Elden had his geared SuperFly today but had it in a high gear and stood up and rowed it up the climbs. I asked if he was stuck in single-speed mode. He grinned.

At the top we let Fox lead out and make his first DH TT attempt on Jacob's. He was gone in a flash. I went next, but with Elden close behind I felt like I was holding him up so I waved him past and he tore down the trail rolling smooth. Being the 2nd time on Jacob's, I DH'ed better and liked it more this time. I rolled the rock knob this time (last time I panicked when I saw it and stopped).

At the bottom we regrouped and rode back up the road to ride down Clark's, but Elden headed down Hog Hollow for home.

We let Fox, the DH master, lead down Clark's. Mark was behind him and hung close for a while, then Fox lit the afterburner and was gone.

We regrouped at the bridge and rode the rest of the race course (BST then down Spring Hollow and back along Highland Drive). My legs felt better for the last half, but my lungs felt burned.

It was a good ride with good riders. The weather was sublime with 60 degrees, clear blue skies and sunshine and lots of green coming on.

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