One Of Those Days

Went to bed last night with plans to do the Draper race in the morning. My mind got going and I didn't sleep well. Then I listened to the rain coming down. After 7 I called Mark to see how the weather was up his way, closer to the race venue - not good news. The course would surely be a muddy mess. Debating: go, don't go. Mark calls back with news the race has been postponed to Wednesday. I went back to bed and got some rest.

Got up intending to get on with some projects around the house when my brother-in-law calls. He dropped the truck keys in Lake Powell and needs someone to bring the spare key down to Wellsville (near Price). My day already shot I say OK. Other than the high price of gas, it was kind of nice to take a drive, although the rainy weather made it less of a happy summer drive.

Three hours later I get home in time to shower, eat something and head to my sisters for a birthday get-together.

Mark comes over to show me his new 29er, fully rigid, single speed ride. Nice bike, but that's a big jump to single speed, me thinks. But it will be fun to play with.

Then I notice the front tire of my wife's bike is flat. Mike at UMB helped me convert her wheels to tubeless. The rear has been fine, but that front has been a pain. First it went flat on Mike, then the bead wouldn't seal again so we put on a new tire and it sealed right up, and now it flatted again. With Mark's help I tried to inflate it again, but no go - the sidewalls had crinkled and the bead had big gaps. So I threw a tube in it and went to my sister's for the party. I came home and couldn't get it to go with the floor pump, but the CO2 inflater did the trick. Now it's on suicide watch - hoping it won't flat again.

And I didn't get in a ride today.

Pretty much a waste of a holiday. Ya, it was one of those days.


I am Matt said...

At least you were not at work...

mark said...

The trick with tubeless conversions is once you get them inflated, go out for a ride in hot weather. I suspect the cold, wet weather has kept the sealant from forming a good seal. If weather doesn't cooperate, bring the wheels in the house for the night

If it goes flat again, wait for a hot, dry day, inflate it, then take it for a long ride.

KanyonKris said...

mark, thanks for the info. I think you're right, the cool temperatures have inhibited the Stans for sealing up the tire and rim. I'll work with it as you suggested.