Tubeless Is In Da House

... and on the bike. I knew I wanted to go tubeless - it's one of my goals for this year. And after flatting both tires yesterday with goathead thorns, I was motivated to get it done. (Mark's "encouragement" also helped.) So today at lunch I went down to the shop hoping Mike would have some time to help me finish the tubeless conversion of my FSA XC-300 rear wheel. We added a bit of rim tape near the valve hole, put in a valve stem and added some Stans sealant to the tire. We had to work the tire as the compressor shot air in, but eventually we got a seal and the tire inflated and the bead locked. At home the tire had deflated so I shook it to slosh the Stans around and pumped it back up, then mounted it on the bike (after I swapped the cassette over and added a disc brake rotor). Hopefully I'll get a chance to test it out tomorrow on some dirt.

Mike likes this Panaracer Fire UST so I'm giving it a try. It's a bit heavy at 730 g, but that's about the same weight as the Continental Gravity (675 g + tube) that I've been running. If I want to drop some weight in the future I'll try a non-UST tire.

The front wheel is next up for the conversion to tubeless.

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