Adjust LED Flashlight Spot Size

Prompted by a question from Mark, I found an easy way to adjust the spot size of the TR-810 LED flashlight I use for night rides on my bike. (Learn more about the TR-810 here)

Mark is looking to buy a new light and is considering the TR-801 but would like a larger spot size so he asked me if it could be modified. I tinkered with the larger flashlights (the ones I bought before the TR-801) and only had limited success enlarging the spot diameter. I found a comment on DealExtreme reporting that unscrewing the reflector ring changed the spot size. It works very well, as you can see in the following photos.

The only trick is to be sure to unscrew the reflector ring and not the LED base. In this photo I've dissembled the front so you can see all the parts. Note that the LED base threads into both the Body and the Reflector ring. I found it easiest to take the flashlight apart like this then thread the LED base into the Body and tighten it snug. Then I screwed the Reflector ring on lightly.

This is what the flashlight looks like with the Reflector ring unscrewed 1/2 turn. Note the gap between the Reflector ring and the LED base. The gap is small enough that the Reflector ring is still contacting the o-ring on the LED base and I feel confident it is creating a water-tight seal.

The TR-801 has an even beam spot that is large enough to cover a trail from edge-to-edge. But I have noticed it is a bit tight. Now with this easy adjustment I can easily make the spot a little larger. The TR-801 just became an even better bike light.

At $14.56 this light is a bargain, and cheaper than last year when they were $17.52. In fact, the whole setup has dropped almost $10 and is now only $55.56.

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