Avatar, Christmas


I saw Avatar Saturday and I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. I was expecting just a good eye-candy movie, but it's better than that.

The story is solid but familiar, with a few twists. From what I'd heard about the plot, I was wary it would be a message movie, gladly I only rolled my eyes a few times.

The buzz about Avatar has been the formidable technology used to create it. (Popular Science has a good article on it. My favorite was the LCD tablet Cameron used to see the rendered motion captures set in the computer generated scenery as he roamed the stage to preview the performance and establish the camera shots.) My expectations were high and the movie exceeded them. Every scene looks gorgeous - filled with both lush outdoor environs and detailed sci-fi tech. The art in this movie is astounding in detail, scope and quality.

I saw the movie in RealD 3D and enjoyed the experience. With so many big scenes, the 3D depth added to the film. Sometimes objects looked a little blurry, but usually everything was crisp. RealD uses circular polarization so you can tilt your head and the 3D still looks great. The glasses resemble wayfarers and were comfortable for the whole 3 hours.

The world Cameron creates feels real, or perhaps super real. As I exited the theater into a dreary Winter day, I wanted to go back to Pandora (the planet location for the movie). I want to see it again.


We had a good Christmas. The kids seemed happy with their presents.

We got a new TV. A 42" LCD. I've been watching these big TVs for years and finally this year the price dropped to where I couldn't resist. So far I'm pleased with it. And I'm already becoming a hi-def snob - the sharpness and detail is amazing.

For me the big gift is the new bike. Last post I mentioned the frame. It arrived and I was amazed how light it is. I bought a Medium 2008 HiFi from Kieth and I'll be moving the parts over to the Large frame the next week or so. Can't wait to ride it. Road trip down south anyone?


Anonymous said...

Avatar was, simply put, incredible. The special effects were soo good, you felt like you were in the forest, reaching out to touch the snow and ducking objects. Considering that almost nothing in the movie was "real", it was spectacular and looked so real. Special effects are now in a whole new realm. The message was also well done, without being too over the top (just a few times). It is rare for me to walk out of the theater and say "I want to see it again!" but I did.

mtb w

KanyonKris said...

I had the same thoughts/reactions. In my opinion, Avatar was exactly what movies should be.

I will be seeing it again in the next week or so and I'm interested to see if it holds up.

Watcher said...

2 thumbs up for Avatar. I saw it over the weekend with my brother and- after some hemming & hawing- I gave in to Bird Whisperer's (age 10) pleading and brought him along. He was in heaven, and I felt OK about bringing him. Only 2(?) 4-letter utterances and 1 fairly vague love-scene. The effects were astounding.

KanyonKris said...

My girls enjoyed it. As their father I was a little sheepish with some of the "army talk". And I agree the love scene was vague and tasteful. Overall I felt it was tame for PG-13.

bikemike said...

going to see it this weekend. hope to have my mind boggled.

dug said...

what theater did you see it in?

KanyonKris said...

The new(ish) Carmike theaters north-east of University Mall. Stadium seating and we were in the row just down from the walkway - that's a little closer than I prefer, but it seemed to work good for the 3D (screen filled most of the field of view)

I hear Avatar in IMAX 3D is astounding, but no IMAX in Utah County was playing it, although several IMAXs in SL valley had it and I considered making the drive.

Blackdog said...

Megaplex 17's imax 3d is booked for about a week. The good seats anyway. I went on Sunday night and did the 2D version. I agree it was very good. And I want to see it in 3D.

bikemike said...

saw it new years eve, my brief letter to hollywood.

dear hollywood,

all movies must now be in 3-D. especially any pixar movies, sci- fi, action adventure and movies with very hot chicks in them.

movie moron