I've been pondering my next bike move for a while. I like my Prophet - plush suspension, high BB clearance, feels good to ride. But this year I tried a 29er (Gary Fisher X-Caliber) and was quickly sold on the big wheels. Going back to hard tail has been fun, but it doesn't suit me for long rides and rough stuff. So I've been looking at full suspension 29ers.

Today I pulled the trigger on this Gary Fisher 2009 HiFi Pro frame.

It has a custom paint job.

I could pull the components off the X-Cal, but I want to keep it running and some of it's components wouldn't be a good match for the HiFi (specifically the old fork). Instead I'm planning to either buy a bike for the parts or start scrounging for cheap components over the Winter.

Hopefully having a bike project will keep me sane during the Winter.


bikemike said...

Happy Merry Holidays Kris and family.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks, bikemike! I hope you've had a good Christmas and have a good 2010.