Help Orem Be Bike Friendly

Orem city is working on a bicycle and pedestrian plan and they want input - if you cycle or walk in Orem they want to hear from you.

At the very least fill out the on-line survey.

This Tuesday they will be having a charrette (interactive meeting) open to all. According to an article in The Daily Herald, there will be a presentation on bike and trail improvements with audience feedback (I think you'll have a remote to select your response to questions/proposals). Then participants will break into small groups to review a section of the city and indicate on the map the preferred bike/walking routes and suggest improvements.

The meeting sounds a bit odd, but I ride a lot in Orem so I'm going to the meeting. The bike/pedestrian plan that results will influence policies and projects in Orem for years so I think it's worth a few hours of my time.

Bicycle / Pedestrian Planning Meeting

7 pm January 19th (Tuesday)

Orem Senior Center - 93 North 400 East


bikemike said...

good luck Kris, sounds like they are waaaay more receptive to cyclist than my town, Vero Beach, Fla. If it isn't golf or tennis in this county, forget about it.

pork rinds.

KanyonKris said...

It will be interesting to see how this meeting goes.

Man, last week I would have rather been in Florida. That inversion was nasty.