Holiday Hustle and Chill

We did a lot over the holidays, but when we weren't doing something we just chilled. It made for a nice mix, although it also meant I didn't get on the computer much. To be honest, It's been a nice break.

Here's the synopsis: play with Christmas toys, one day at work, 70th birthday party for my Dad, mount the new TV to the wall, watch TV in hi-def (wow!), installed a new video card and tuner in the media center PC, ice skating with my wife's family, 3 days with the family and friends in the mountains, snowshoed twice, cross country skied 3 times, played lots of games, ate lots of food, indoor rock climbing with my friend and daughter Jamie.

Rather than ramble on, a few highlight photos:

Christmas morning. The big TV behind the tree, the new Hi-Fi frame by the door.

Ice skating with the family. Instead of holding onto the wall the whole time, this year Kade was out on open ice the whole time.

Me XC skiing through some trees.

The kids playing the shock game - the Wilkey boys and Jamie, with Kade watching.

Jolene and I out snowshoeing.

Kade enjoys throwing snow at me.

Is this mixed martial arts?

What I didn't do was work on the new bike. Just never seemed to have a block of time to even get started. Hopefully I'll get going on it this week.

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