Orem Bike Input Meeting

Update: The presentation with survey results is available as a PDF.

Jolene and I attended the Orem city bicycle and pedestrian input meeting tonight.

Pretty good turnout - around 100 people. Predominately cyclists. Other cyclists attending (that I saw/recognized): Kieth (from team Mad Dog), DJ (a friend I used to work with), and Kerry (of the URMB club).

For the first part of the meeting the Orem city guys showed a slideshow that was part information and part survey. Some info about, say bike lanes, was given and then we were asked to rank how we felt about it. They handed out wireless remotes so we could press a button and submit our vote. The results were then tabulated immediately and displayed as part of the presentation. It was pretty slick. (One complaint: The presenter could, and should, have been more unbiased - it was obvious what options he liked and didn't like.)

Next the people at each table looked at two maps (one for pedestrian, the other for bicycles) and made notes about what roads, intersections, paths, etc. are good, OK or bad. Here are a few items we noted:

  • The BST is awesome
  • University Avenue is enjoyable to bike
  • 800 North near Provo Canyon is dangerous for bikes
  • Geneva Road has a thin shoulder and high speed traffic
Each table sent up a representative to give their top 3 items. There were lots of good suggestions and comments.

Now the Orem city guys will review the input and give their recommendations for what should be done to improve cycling and walking in the city. And the public will have an opportunity to comment on the recommendations.

The end goal of this process is a master plan for cycling and walking in the city. I was impressed with the work they are putting into this effort and the amount of public input being sought. Watch the WalkBikeOrem website for updates and more info.

P.S. The survey is still up if you want to weigh in.

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Keith said...

Great meeting and good seeing you both there. See you on the trails or snow soon.