Cheap Trick

A few years ago a friend recommended The White Stripes as a fresh take on classic rock. I liked some of their stuff, but it struck me as just an echo of the real thing. Then I remembered a band I hadn't thought of for years, Cheap Trick.

I was a high school senior when my friend bought the Cheap Trick at Budokan album on cassette and we played it on the stereo in his garage (I can still see those big Cerwin Vega speakers). It was high energy rock and we ate it up.

The lead guitarist, Rick Nelson, is amazingly talented and a goofy showman, as well as being the primary songwriter. Rob Zander sings lead and while not as gifted as some rock singers, succeeds in bringing the songs to life. Tom Petersson plays bass and Bun E. Carlos is the drummer (and always has a cigarette dangling from his lips).

I listened to several tracks tonight. The whole Budokan set is still fun, but I only bought these three songs.

I chose the live version - it has energy whereas the studio version is pretty flat.

This video shows Rick's signature 3 guitar solo. If you just want to get to "Dream Police" jump to 4:20.


bikemike said...

cheap trick are one of the most entertaining bands i've seen. they opened for grand funk railroad in st.peteresburg, fla. and they were just as good.

nice reminder, thanks.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the comment. I was starting to wonder if anyone else liked/likes Cheap Trick.