A Sucker For HD

I've watched way more football this year due to one primary factor: high definition. (Thanks to the 42" LCD HDTV we got for Christmas.)

HD football looks phenomenal. You can see the texture of the grass on the field and the players numbers and names on their jerseys, even "from a distance". Close-ups show beads of sweat and beard stubble. The on-screen graphics are sharp. And the slow-motion replays are like little works of art.

It's as if HD and football were made for each other. Ratings are up for the NFL and largely due to HD. It also helps that there have been many exciting games this season.

If I was channel surf and came across a football game I was immediately sucked in. If it was a blow-out I might walk away, but usually I was mesmerized in by the amazing picture and action of the game.

And now it's the Winter Olympics in HD.

And even though I'm not a big fan of the Olympics, it looks so good in HD I can't help but watch.

Eye candy is not good for my fitness.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Almost thou dost convince me to buy a new television.

Joshua said...

The new HD at our house is raising hell with my training regimen.

29er said...

Don't do it Junkie- big TV's are evil!

bikemike said...

As long as it's not mens figure skating. would love to see cross country and downhill skiing on HD, though.