Soggy St. George

The weather made it not the best St. George weekend.

Arrived in town Friday afternoon and left the kids with their cousins and Jolene and I drove to Santa Clara for a loop on Barrel Roll and the Rim trails.

Yes, that's fresh snow in the mountains, but the trails were perfectly damp.

A mildly tricky spot on Rim Reaper.

Ah, the desert terrain (ignore the snow in the background).

Coming back from Rim Runner and Rim Rock.

I'd been on Barrel Roll once before but this was Jolene's first time - we both liked it and will be back. The Rim trails are not as fun as Barrel Roll, but still good. The section of Rim Rock going out to the loops was my favorite.

We haven't been on our bikes in a while and the sensations of riding came flooding in. Both of us felt exhilarated to be riding dirt. All the little nuances, the skills that are second nature, the speed, the scenery - it's all a symphony.

It rained Friday night. Saturday we attended my niece's baptism. Afterward it was raining with no sign of letting up so we headed to the bowling alley. Let's just say Dixie Bowl has history.

Check out the tail fin styling of the ball return.

After bowling we went out to dinner and that was it.

Sunday the weather broke so we headed to Maverik for some petroglyph hunting, per Alex's instructions. We saw most of the same panels, but missed at least one they saw. We looked around some more but didn't see any other glyph sites.

From this glyph I'm certain the Anasazi had mountain bikes.

We got tired of walking around in sticky mud and headed to reliably fun Pioneer Park.

We had to do The Crack - it's tradition. (Gauging by the tight fit in places, I have some weight to loose.)

Kara and Kade exploring in The Crack.

We spent 1-2 hours roaming around the rocks. Here's Kade in a hueco.

Hanging out at the little arch.

Looking out from an alcove.

Being attacked by a rock snake.

The weather hampered our plans, but we made the best of it and we enjoyed the break from Winter.


South County Ciclista said...

You know I have been to Pioneer Park years ago as a kid. I always had it in the back of my mind as a faint memory. After seeing it again I am going to have to take my children there the next time I am down there.

Watcher said...

We stop by Pioneer Park on every SG trip. Great family stop.

Hey I'm glad you checked out the Maverik site. Isn't that awesome? Curious which ones you missed... did you climb up to the big boulder (~7' high) up top?

Rain in SG drives me crazy. It feels like there's no escape!