Mmm, Mmm, Crest

Today it hit me I haven't done the Crest this year. Well I can't have that, so I drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon after work today.

I wanted to ride the Crest then down Mill D. This is usually a shuttle ride. I think you see the problem. I stopped at the Mill D trail head, but didn't see any bikers there to hit up for a shuttle. So I drove to the top and hoped for providence. (Riding back up the road was plan B so I packed lights.)

I started at the switchback, but if I had been thinking I would have gone up a little more to Guardsman Pass and started there, since I've never done that connector trail over to Scott's Pass (even though Alex just blogged about it). Next time.

I plugged up Puke Hill and saw two riders at the top, Sally and Drew - they agreed to drive me back to my car. Praise the sprocket!

The Crest feels like the top of the world.

And such good single-track.

Here's Drew with The Spine in the background.

I had a good flow going and rolled everything except The Spine (but I made it on the second attempt). Majestic mountain scenery + playful trail + cool, sunny day = a sublime ride.

We arrived at the Mill D trail head around 7 pm (started around 5). For some reason the Crest seems like a longer ride, but it can be done after work, even now with less daylight. So go get some!

Thank you to Sally and Drew for driving me back to my car - it was nice to not have to do that long road climb and get home an hour earlier.


Nate Kingdon said...

Mmm, Mmm, Crest is right! I like me some Crest.

(H/B)iker said...

Great ride. The map I was telling you about is "Wasatch Hiking Trails" made by Artistic Printing in SLC, I picked it up at REI.

KanyonKris said...

Nate - We should do a group Crest ride soon.

H/Biker - Good to ride with you yesterday. Thanks for the map info, I'll check that out. I like the map reviews on your blog.

South County Ciclista said...

I used to ride that trail all the time. If I don't make it this year, it will be 3 years since I have ridden it. A shame yes I know.