Riding The Stairs

This story used to be longer. But I read it with fresh eyes and it just sounded lame. So this is all it is:

I've tried to ride the stairs at Dry Canyon several times over the years and always bailed. Tuesday (and this morning) I rode the whole thing. It's a small thing but it made me happy to finally ride it.

Now I want to smoke the pipe, even just once.

Lately the bikes have need attention. New fork seals, chain and cassette for my bike. Put the fork from my hardtail on Jolene's bike (since hers died.)

Rode the Bridal Veil loop tonight - Water Tank, Betty, Belt, Frank, Water Tank, Dragon's Back, Pipe Road, Nun's Park, BST, Indian Hills. I really enjoyed the ride. No one else out, just me alone on the trails. Saw the blue rock, a tarantula and 3 piles of deer guts (yep, the hunt is on). Still didn't make the top switchback going down Indian Hills, but did on the 4th try (I think I've got it now). Lots of cruising, felt great. Man, I love riding bikes!


Nate Kingdon said...

Your title reminded me of what we did in college in the dorms, while drunk. Not the smartest time of my life. I agree with you on wussin out on certain things that piss you off. Way to "man up". I have been avoiding things for good reason. Maybe someday.

KC said...

Wahoo! Did you love it? Are you a stairs convert?
As you know I am fond of the stairs. It is a rush to find the right rhythm.

KanyonKris said...

Nate - I'll ask you about your college stairs some day.

KC - Yeah, I get a little buzz dropping the stairs. First time I took every cheater line (around the tie) I could, but last time I went a little bolder.