Park City Point 2 Play

The point of the Park City ride Saturday was play.

Mark joined Jolene and I for 3 hours of riding. The weather was perfect, 55-60 (too bad the PCP2P race wasn't this weekend). The Fall color is touching some of the trees. The trails were in good shape, often nicely tacky, and very little dust.

We start up Daly Canyon again then up Ontario Bypass, north on MidMountain, down Johns, then up Loose Moose and up a service road back to MidMountain northward, up Crescent Mine Grade, down Thaynes road, down Powerline, and back on MidMountain to finish with Empire Link.

It was a good mix of satisfying climbs, fast flats, and big-grin descents. Park City is prime right now. Plus there are many trails I have never been on. This won't be my last ride in Park City this year.

It was also the debut of my new favorite jersey, the Salt Cycling FLY. Everything is right with this jersey: full hidden zipper, modified race fit (not too tight, not too loose), no elastic sleeves, good length, grippy bottom hem, and bold graphics in unique color scheme. And it was even hand delivered (OK, I'm on Rick's way to work, but still). I need to ditch the camelbak to show the giant fly on the back.


Nate K. said...

Wait a tick! You CHOSE to ride Johns? And you think us Suncresters have a screw loose?

KanyonKris said...

Yeah, I like Johns, it's a fun play trail. But I can see it not being so fun with 40 miles in your legs.

Rick Sunderlage said...

You make the jersey look good Kris!