Burning Down The Car

With the Hell-O-Ween ride in my backyard I decided I should be a good host. So I put up a sign (because that turn by the Orem Cemetery is hard to see in the dark) and bring a fire.

The fire was a roll of quality toilet paper soaked in kerosene in a metal bucket. As people arrived I lit it up. Everybody likes a fire, right? Provides light and heat. Riders gathered 'round. A nice touch.

When we left it was still burning a bit so I tipped it over and it went out.

After the ride I put the bucket in the back of my car. I thought about dumping out the charred TP, but Rick reminded me that I was a Life Scout too so I packed it out. When I got in it was a little smoky so I rolled down the windows - don't want smoke smell in the car.

As I went a bit faster the wind fanned the smoldering TP and next thing I know I've got flames in the bucket. Not good.

I quickly pulled over, opened the hatchback, and dumped out the flaming bucket and spent the next 5 minutes stomping on it until no more embers remained.

When I told my wife the story she laughed and laughed.

The car smelled like smoke for 2 days. At least I didn't burn it up.

No one can question my commitment to Hell-O-Ween (but questioning my intelligence is fair).


bjchild said...

That's too funny. We saw you pulled over trying to put out the flames and were going to stop but you looked like you had it under control.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny (but good thing you caught it in time). Now that's commitment - willing to risk a burning car for Hell-O-Ween.

You've been on "fire" lately with your recent posts, including the quadruple chin. Keep it up (and out)!

mtb w

KanyonKris said...

I guess self ridicule works. Glad I could entertain.

Nate K. said...

Thats awesome. First thought I had was that scene from "Tommy Boy". Glad you snuffed it out before it got out of hand.

Philip said...

I love using the kerosene soaked TP rolls to really light up my Jack-o-Lanterns. People love them! Last year I learned a new trick though, get methanol (Heet fuel treatment from automotive store) and boric acid (roach killer available at hardware stores) and mix together then soak toilet roll in this mix. You will get an awesome green flame, not quite as big and not quite as long but it is green!

Just make sure to put it out completely next time!

KanyonKris said...

Oh, green flames, of course I have to try that.

South County Ciclista said...

I wish we could have seen the look on your face when the flames started again.