Ding Dong The Cast Is Gone

Today Jolene got her cast off. She's happy about that. It was a long seven weeks for her.

The leg looked gross. Mottled red skin, some nice scars, swollen. I wanted to take a picture but was forbidden. So how about pictures of the cast, as decorated by the family last night in hopes it would be off today (so that totally worked).

From the x-rays the doctor says it's healing nicely. Now the leg feels unprotected without that cast and she's concerned about bumping it. But she's looking forward to sleeping better tonight without the bulk cast.

Today I had an, epiphany? No. Revelation? No. How about a realization.

I've been doing some household stuff Jolene usually does. I drove carpool this morning. Helped Kade get dressed, fed and off to school. Microwaved some leftovers for Jolene. And made a run to the grocery store - that's where the realization occurred.

I parked the van, snagged a cart outside and as I head in I noticed the Stovetop stuffing right inside the door and remembered it was on the list so I snagged it right there. Usually I hardly notice the specials by the door. But this was just a small realization.

The bigger realization came a few steps further when I saw our preferred brand of corn chips on sale. I instantly recalled they usually cost $2 per bag so when I saw the 2 for $3 sale I knew it was a good deal and bought two. Then it hit me, I never noticed grocery prices before but now I do. I guess I'm learning grocery shopping by repetition and exposure. Didn't expect that.


Watcher said...

Yay JoQueen- congrats!!

Broken bones are always like this little lesson in the un-stoppability of time. When you break one, and you hear it's going to be X weeks/months, you think "Oh man, that time will never pass..." But of course it always does. Sort of like (sadly) summer vacation when we were kids.

StupidBike said...

good news for Jolene, um, about the grocery shopping.

Um, yeah, i got nothing,

UtRider said...

Do you buy anything healthy from the grocery store? :)

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the comments.

UtRider - I buy what's on the list and whatever strikes my fancy, which is almost always junk. It's not good to put me in charge of the menu.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jolene! I'm she sure is so happy to be free of the cast and to know things are healing.

And good job to you for helping out! You got the added bonus of being to able to pick up the "good stuff" at the store.

mtb w

Nate K said...

can't believe she wouldn't allow a picture of the leg! Glad its off and she's feeling better. I too am a terrible grocery shopper. Impulse, impulse, impulse. Its hard to stay right to the list.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Jolene- You'll be surprised what a long break from the bike will do for you. You'll come back stronger. Congrats on the progress!

KanyonKris said...

Thank you all for the kind words. Jolene appreciates it.

NateK - We got some photos yesterday that she *may* allow to be posted.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Who drew the mary jane leaves on the cast? Or was that for medicinal purposes?

KanyonKris said...

SBJ - I believe that was Kade, our 7-year-old. Given his impressionist style, he was probably trying to draw a star or something. I can hardly read his writing so only he knows what he was trying to draw.

There were several times Jolene was frustrated and agitated, the calming properties of MJ may have worked wonders.