Kade got a Nerf gun for his birthday before Christmas. Of course he's shot family members, it hasn't been too bad but still.

So for Christmas we got Nerf guns for the girls. You know, cold war tactics, arm everyone.

Kade has bravado but this is not a stand-off, more like suicide-by-sister

The Angels and kid brother Bosley

The weapons

It's been fun. We've had several skirmishes throughout the house.

Christmas day we had a battle that lasted over an hour and we were laughing a lot. Head shots are always funny. Kara squeals when she gets shot, or even a near miss. Kade likes to charge. Jamie and I like to wait for good shots, or snake one through the banisters.

Kade shot the gun so much he rubbed the skin off his thumb.

Reloading is easy since by now the house is littered with foam bullets. We've lost a few behind the stove, way under the fridge and I'm sure other inaccessible places.

Good wholesome family fun. (If any of my kids becomes a murderer, well maybe it wasn't such a good idea.)


Joshua said...

There is not a piece of furniture in my house that doesn't have at least three nerf darts behind it. We have discovered that you can buy 50 packs of refills at WalMart. There is an off-brand with whistles built into the tip that are my favorite.

Derron said...

Josh--thanks for the tip! I will head over to Wallyworld first thing in the morning to pick up some ammo (& hopefully extra clips). I too received a nerf gun (two-pack actually) from my wife for Christmas. I told her I'm 32, not 6, but she thought it would be fun and she was right. I've had a great time shooting at my kindergartner and our new little puppy. Funny, they both make the same little shriek sound when they get hit. N.E.R.F.= Not Educational (but) Really Fun!