New Trail: Ann's

I rode a new trail in Corner Canyon tonight: Ann's Trail*. I tried to ride it Thursday, but was stopped by the trail dozer cutting the final middle segment. Today I rode the whole thing (with one dab, rats). Ann's is the red segment in this map of my ride:

* Yes, another apostrophized trail name. This one is named in honor of a long-serving Draper trail committee member who is dieing. Thanks, Ann, for your contribution to the Draper trail system.

Interactive map here

The route is good, it's above Clarks. The grade seems a bit easier than Clarks. The tread is rough, soft, loose and loaded with rocks and roots. So many roots I had flashbacks to the punji sticks in 'nam.

Wait, I wasn't in Vietnam.

OK, here's what it looks like in a happy place:

If you like rough trails it's fun, if you don't you may not have fun. You may hate it. You have been warned.

The trail crews will be at it over the Summer and it will settled on it's own so it will get better. Know any Scouts that need an Eagle project? Uh, yeah, I really should do some trail work this year.

It seems every year Corner Canyon gets a new, fantastic trail. They're at it again. I'm amazed and grateful.


ER Dog said...

I was there last week and got turned back 'cause of the digger. Did you try going through the tunnel? It's open and the trail is complete all the way to the new water tank they are putting in near the glide park trail.

Dave said...

We rode it this morning, it's rough, rocky, and rooty. Not fun yet but it has a lot of potential for sure. We rode it from the top of clark's to the bottom and then climbed clarks. it's a great addition and will be awesome once it's packed down and clear.

Nate Kingdon said...

Kris, does this trail go all the way to the top of Clarks now? Is it cut all the way to Clarks?

KanyonKris said...

ER Dog - Yep, I've been all the way up Draper Rim twice now, good trail.

Dave - I agree, it will be good.

Nate - Yes, it goes all the way to Clarks. Go ride it.

Mike Z. said...

How do you fund the trail construction out there? Is it on Federal land? We are having tough times doing anything on our local NF and was just wondering.

KanyonKris said...

Mike Z - Corner Canyon is a green space owned by Draper city. Being private land makes it MUCH easier / faster to create new trails.
I'm on a trails working group for our local Forrest Service district and new trails take at least 3 years to get through all the studies and approvals.