Tour de Donut

Saturday Jolene and I did the Tour de Donut on a tandem we borrowed from Elden. It was a perfect summer morning.

Here we are trying out the tandem.

Yes, we were in donut costumes.

We had company - meet the zombies.

The donuts ready for battle.

On the first lap I ate 6 donuts, Jolene 3. Second lap I ate 4, Jolene 1. Those last donuts didn't go down easy.

More putting around on the cruiser tandem. Fun bike. We wished we had higher gears but it was OK riding mellow and chatting along the way.

Dressing down.

Fun event. The recovery was slow but glad to say I will be able to eat donuts again.

Thursday after work I went exploring in Corner Canyon. Shammy told me about a new trail that was being cut that branches off the new Draper Rim trail on the east side of the tunnel. It's freshly dozer cut and rough. Sadly the dozer was still working so I had to turn around. I'm sure it's all cut now.

I went up Draper Rim then up the DH trail to get to Eagle Crest. The grass is tall. Seemed nice at first, then I felt a sting on my shins. I'm now fully aware why grass leaves are called blades. Like thousands of tiny razors.

I finished off with a run down Rush and poached the new extension. It was soft and loose, not really worth riding but it was cool to see what the trail will be. Looks good.

Saturday evening after the Tour I got out on the foothill trails for a ride. It was eerily quiet for a Saturday. Only encountered a pair of horses and one other bike. With the sun low in the west I had lots of shade. A good, peaceful ride.

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