Two Good Things

Two good things have happened recently:

I got a job last week. I'd been unemployed since April and I was starting to get nervous I might be out of work for a long stretch. Then last week I applied for a job on Monday, got a call to interview on Tuesday, interviewed on Wednesday, was hired Thursday and started that day. Happened so fast I think I have whiplash. They've got fires that need to be put out right away so I'll be busy.

Jolene went to the doctor a few weeks ago, and with the bone growth seen on the x-rays she was given the OK to mountain bike. Yeah!

So we rode up in the foothills.

And Corner Canyon today.

Notice something in common in those photos? Big smiles, that's what.

In other news:

Last month we attended a picnic in Provo (in a park along the river) sponsored by Mad Dog. Younger cyclists mostly. Seems they're infusing some Portland-like bike culture into the area.

We got tattoos.

Even Kade got one.

Kade and I did some jousting.

Then we rode up the pathway along the river and back. Good family times.

Last week we drove up the Alpine Loop and went for a hike. The mountains are spectacular.

So other than I'll be swamped at work and probably working long hours that will cut into my cycling, things are good for us and we're grateful.


Nate K. said...

Congrats again on the job! Glad it all worked out. Looked for you in CC yesterday but I didn't see you. Hope you guys had a good ride.

Watcher said...

What? You got a job?? Oh crap- now who am I going to do desert trips with?

JK- I'm very happy for you and especially for Jolene.

Jake Spurlock said...

Where's the new job at? Details!