Italian Eggs

I'm not a food person. Oh I like to eat. I like a good steak or sushi roll or fish taco or fritter, etc. But I'm not into food as much as others. And only rarely do I think about interesting new foods or combinations, like salsa in a sandwich.

So it was one of those light bulb moments a few weeks ago as I made some scrambled eggs when I spotted this Italian seasoning in the cupboard.

Turns out the eggs taste really good with Italian spices. I'll be seasoning my eggs this way often.

And I am sold on spices in these little grinders, much more flavorful. We also have one for black pepper. Good work, McCormick R&D department.

Finally, this xkcd cartoon made me laugh.


roan said...

Grinders work wonders on egg whites & avocado.
I've never tried that though, not enough to sink my teeth into.
But the grinders do work wonders on rice medley or on salads.
The cars cartoon, I feel sorry for the 'bags o money' couple.

KanyonKris said...

You've given me some new ideas, thanks.