Strawberry Narrows

Back on August 27, Saturday, Jolene and I joined Josh and a small group to ride the Strawberry Narrows trail (Josh rode it 2 years ago). It's a scenic 1.5 hour drive from our house.

Here's Sally at high point of the trail with the narrows in the background.

And most of the gang.

Looking across a bay with riders on the other side.

Lots of trees along the trail.

Even enjoyed some wild raspberries.

At the south end the trees end and it's sagebrush. We turned around here, Poison Ridge.

Back in the trees on the way back.

Riding along the edge of the water at times.

We went out 8 miles and turned around for a 16 mile out-and-back. I liked the flow and variety of the trail. And riding along the edge of a lake is rather unique in Utah. It's high enough that it's considerably cooler - 70 while Orem was 90. If this trail were closer we'd ride it a lot.

On the way back we stopped at Dairy Keen in Heber for lunch, good eats.