Jamie's First Car

Another life milestone today: Jamie's first car.

It's been coming for a while. Most days Jolene and Jamie were able to juggle the van, but some days left Jolene stranded at home. Jamie's been working and saving her money. Jolene has been surfing KSL Cars for weeks.

So here's the new addition to the family, a 2002 Toyota Camry with power sunroof, seats, mirrors, locks and windows.

We split the cost with Jamie. She has the option to buy us out. She's going to get a loan for $1-2,000 to boost her credit score.

Jamie is very excited, it was fun to watch her. Suddenly I feel older.


Watcher said...

Your daughter's car is nicer than mine.

KanyonKris said...

Watcher - it may be time for an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I love the car! If it could haul bikes easily I would be more tempted to keep the keys myself. I'd even arm wrestle her for it if I was sure I could win...
-The mom still driving the van