Park City Mountain Tour

Saturday Mark N. and I did a nice tour of some of the best trails in Park City.

We started up Armstrong. Most of the leaves have fallen but a few bright patches remain.

Then south on Mid Mountain. This spot in the Pines with the Aspen leaves carpeting the trail and decorating the trees like ornaments was striking.

About half way to Deer Valley this stand of Aspens glowed with sunlight and leaves.

We went up Team Big Bear and did the Flagstaff loop. We decided to explore more of the trails over on Bald Mountain so we took Deer Camp over. We found a stunt trail off Homeward Bound and played on the tamer stuff. I rode the log shown below (that's not me, I stole this photo).

We goofed around on Lila's Lair and Dog Pound then headed back on Mid Mountain.

We took Johns 99 (first time for both of us, it's a nice trail) then descended through the Aspens of Johns trail.

We finished up with Sweeney Switchbacks. My legs were drained and I was tired. But what a great ride. Cool air, stunning scenery, tacky dirt, an excellent mix of trails, and good company.

The meal at Tarahumara capped off the day.

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South County Ciclista said...

Looks like some great riding conditions.