Shortyz - Favorite Android App

I've had an Android phone for about a year. Overall it's been good. It's nice to always have a camera, notepad, contact info and games.

At first I went nuts downloading apps, now I've weeded out the duds and only add a few new apps a month.

For games, Angry Birds was fun for a while then I got bored of it. Stupid Zombies is a similar style game but deeper and more fun. Jolene likes Jewels. Alchemy is interesting but it got weird after a while. Flight Control is fun and I still play it. The Moron Test is clever but got old. Doodle Fit is a nice puzzle game, as is Unblock Me. Kade plays matching games once in a while. But there's one game that gets played way, way more.

Shortyz. It's crossword puzzles and I play it daily.

It downloads a bunch of free crosswords every day - I like Washington Post and USA Today best. For most puzzles it will tell you if you typed the wrong letter which makes the puzzles more friendly but I imagine purists are outraged - relax, it's just a game, play it how you want.

Nothing is deeper than language so it's no surprise that word games have long-lasting appeal. I've learned some new words along the way, of course some are just crossword fodder.

Most of the clues are adequate, some are really clever, and a few are such a stretch I groan. After a while you get to know the clue style of each puzzle writer.

I feel motivated to finish each puzzle yet it's easy to stop and pick it up later so it's perfect for on-the-go. Shortyz has kept me entertained through many waits and when it's my turn it's easy to put it away.

I enthusiastically recommend Shortyz. I'm sure there are good crossword apps for the iPhone / Touch too, go get one.

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