Round Valley Redo

With fresh snow from storms Thursday and Friday, I took Jolene to Round Valley to show her the cross country ski trails.

The snow was soft and grippy but would also glide, it was excellent. And the snow was deep enough they put in classical glide tracks.

We started at Quinns and went up to the short ridge then down into Round Valley and back. The distance was just right for Jolene's leg.

And a shot of me, just to mix things up.

We stopped at Dairy Keen and split a Train Burger meal (good eats).

I picked up a new toy. It's way fun. I'll talk about it next post. Here's a teaser:


roan said...

WOW, groomed trails, do you have to buy 'use tickets' ? Looks like the trails get a good amount of use since only outer edge of grooming shows.

KanyonKris said...

roan, that's the amazing thing, these groomed trails are free. It is a multi-use area so you share the trails with snowshoers, hikers, dogs and even bikes. But for free I'm not going to complain, too much.

I believe these trails had been groomed the day before, so yes, they get a good amount of use. But still in good shape for skiing.