Fresh Brighton

I had fun night skiing at Brighton Tuesday. Yeah, I know, it's kind of lame now since there is even more fresh snow today. But it was still pretty good Tuesday. After having "very firm" to icy conditions the last two times out skiing, the soft, fresh snow was nice, even if it was skied out.

And this time of year the bonus is more light. We got four runs in before it got dark. I could get more in if I got there at 4 pm.

I also met up with Mark for a few runs.

Here's my coworker, Dave, and my lonely ski pole before it got dark.

Speaking of my ski poles, I think they need to be retired, or at least I need new baskets.

I've had these poles nearly 20 years. The straps rotted off 5 years ago. Should I be proud or ashamed?

Well, it's good to see some fresh snow in the mountains. I'll be getting out again as soon as I can.

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