Early Pipeline

I've come down Rattle Snake Gulch several times, but hadn't tried to go up it, until this evening. Couldn't ask for better conditions, tacky dirt and not a lot of loose rock. I dabbed a few times and pushed the bike up the last 50 yards, dang that's steep at the top. I found a new quest, climb that by year end.

Pipeline was a good. Tacky dirt and fast. There were a few mud puddles, one or two small spots of mud and a few strips of snice.

Surprisingly I made it all the way to Elbow Fork.

I got a late start and the light was fading fast on the way back. The gullies were dark. There was just barley enough light to descend Rattle Snake, riding by braille.

The ride felt good. Just what I needed.


South County Ciclista said...

What was your elevation when you hit snow?

KanyonKris said...

According to the topo map, Elbow Fork is around 6700'.