Office Graffiti

I've been at my new job at Fusion-IO for 4 months. There are crazy days, but overall I'm still enjoying it.

I've noticed graffiti pops up around the office. I blame the over abundance dry erase surfaces. Here are some examples.

This started off as just "the cloud". Then "the inversion" was added. And finally "the asthmatics".

IT installed some radio devices that, I've been told, detect and block unauthorized wireless devices. So someone pointed it out as a "death ray generator".

This showed up in the break room.

This week it was updated.

There are cameras all over the building and this one got an Eye of Sauron addition.

All engineers have a Do Not Disturb sign for when they are working on critical tasks. This engineer had this on the back of his sign.

This isn't graffiti, it's sanctioned decoration. The Marketing department turned our environmental chamber into a Tardis.

I get a kick out of all this. Nice to have a work environment where people have a sense of humor and employees are free to express themselves.

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