The sWARm

I was bummed I couldn't make it to RAWROD this year, but I did watch the Swarm event Saturday morning with Kade. It was crazy, fun.

What is Swarm? 57 guys flying remote control aircraft trying to crash into stuff. Meet the loonies:


 I took some video. And, no, I wasn't drunk. (Kade is in the blue hoodie with black-stripes.)

It started off with free-for-all dog fighting, then kill-the-beast, and finally the limbo contest (3 points for going under the lower line, 2 points for middle, 1 point for top; first to 10 wins a round). There were more events but Kade was getting bored and I had a ride scheduled.

The Ride. Steve and I went up to Park City and rode the Glenwild / Flying Dog loop. Felt good to ride a mountain trail this early in the year. There was a little mud in the trees at the top of Flying Dog but otherwise the trails were in really good shape.

So, a pretty good Saturday. Not RAWROD good, but I'll take it.

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