New Moab, Day 1

This trip is called New Moab because every trail we did was new to us and none of these trails existed only a few years ago.

We left Saturday morning and stopped at Klondike Bluffs. There used to be just one trail there but now there's a nice trail network with some good riding.

We started with the new Dino Flow trail. It had a lot of sand and loose dirt but it was better than riding dirt roads. We only took it as far as Baby Steps.

Does it look like you could put a trail through this?

Well the Moab trail builders did, it's called EKG. We climbed a little ways up Baby Steps to the south end of EKG. What a fun trail. Lots of up and down, mostly on rock. Fun technical with little burst moves here and there.

Then we climbed Mega Steps. Another good trail. It feels like you're a hundred miles from nowhere.

Next we took an old double-track, that I didn't like much, down to Little Salty. It started off bland but got better. Next time I'll take north Baby Steps instead.

Then we took EKG and Dino Flow back. While we were out a new trail, UFO, was added - new maps were put up. Looks like UFO will be a good connector to the middle of Baby Steps.

We drove to the other side (west) of highway 191 and rode the Monitor & Merrimac trail. We parked at the kiosk but you can drive farther south and there is a huge parking area and a smaller one right before Mill Canyon.

There was some sand at the start but after pushing up a sandy slope it was miles of slickrock.

The views were outstanding.

The end through Mill Canyon has more sand. I'd say the sand slogs were worth the good slickrock and scenery.

After the ride we drove into Moab to shower, eat and sleep.

Next up, Day 2.

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