I Am Not a Doper!

About a month ago Mark had a Vuelta de Espana contest. I follow pro cycling a little, but I'm clueless compared to Mark and other true fans. But, I thought, it doesn't hurt to enter. So did a little web searching, read a few pre-race articles and picked some names I liked. Checking his blog yesterday I was shocked to learn I had won! I selected some Izze beverages and thought that would be the end of it. But then Forrest had to throw down this little gauntlet in the comments:

I claim foul, Kris is doped.
Of course I had to answer this accusation! And this is my official statement:
With regard to the recent doping accusations, I attest that I operated within the parameters of the contest and have not been proven guilty. No one has shown that my winning wasn't simply a rare stroke of good luck, even though it falls outside my historically low WLR (Win-to-Loose Ratio). And I deny the allegations that I used a luck enhancing substance. The French newspaper report that I ordered HLA (Hyper Luck Amplifier) from an internet store is false and I am considering suing them for libel. Thank you, that is all.

In other news, I've been sick since the Try-athlon. Nasty crud. My wife caught it last week and is still weak and coughing. I took Monday off work and was in bed all day. Every day this week I go home and collapse into bed. Every day gets a little better, but this is one stubborn bug. I miss riding my bikes.

Lastly, I got an e-mail from the Kokopelli Triathlon organizers. They expressed regret at having to cancel the event and cited safety as the main reason. They offered $75 off the Pumpkinman Triathlon in Las Vegas October 14. I was interested, even though it's a longer drive, but my two neighbors can't go so that's that. They also offered $30 off the 2008 Kokopelli Triathlon - I'll have to see if I'm interested when it gets closer. For now my plan is to make the Salem Triathlon my first - it's only a few miles away and it's cheaper.

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