Dead Shock

After 8 days of being sick (man, that was nasty crud!) I'm easing back into some riding. The UUtah guys had a mellow ride planned so my wife and I joined them. We met at the Draper pool and shuttled up to the top of Traverse Ridge. We rode down Clarks trail then west on the BST then down the Oak Hollow trail back to the pool.

The UUtah guys had never been down Clarks and I'm pretty sure they liked it - I like riding it up or down, but have to admit that going down is a blast. Sadly, only a few hundred yards down the trail I start hearing some ugly, metal-hitting-metal sounds from my rear shock. I stopped to discover I had no damping at all and only the coil spring providing some suspension. I rode slow and took it easy. The rear end was bouncy and squirrelly, but at least I was able to ride.

From this incident, I am now a big fan of shocks with coil springs. If it had been an air-only shock, I would not have been riding "bottomed out". At least with the spring I had some suspension.

I'll send the shock into Go-Ride to be fixed. I hope it doesn't take too long - I want to do some more MTB riding this month.

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Eat Sleep MTB said...

Coil? Why don't you just buy a motorcycle and remove the engine?