3 Days, 3 Rides

The weather has been pretty nice (above 50 degrees) the last 3 days so I've gone on a road ride at lunch each day.

Day 1 was a 13 mile ride in Draper with a stout climb up Rambling Road.

Day 2 was a 10.5 mile ride in Draper with some climbing, but trying for a semi-recovery from Day 1.

Day 3 was a 15 mile ride south to Thanksgiving Point (Lehi) via the I-15 frontage road, then a few miles on the Jordan River parkway trail and the return via Redwood Road and 146th South. This is an entertaining route, but it has one flaw: the trail by the wind turbines is under construction. Actually, they're putting in a pipe for the irrigation canal and I hope it also means they will be repairing this section of trail which was washed out a few years ago and it's been a dirt trail since then. It would be nice if it were paved again. I hiked my bike around the dug up area and got my road shoes all muddy. No biggie - I'm used to mud from mountain biking. It was fun to get the speed up coming down Redwood.

The forecast doesn't look good for the rest of the week, but I'll take my bike and hope to squeeze in some more rides.

BONUS - Check out Phun, a free, easy-to-use 2D physics simulator (sandbox). Watch the video on the home page to get an idea what you can do with it. I've had fun just throwing things around, crashing stacks of blocks, drawing weird shapes to watch them fall and making simple machines. My kids have had fun with it too. I challenged my 13-year-old daughter to make something that moves and she came up with some clever designs.


irideiwrite said...

one of these days I'll have to join you for a lunch ride.

I'll have to get one of the neighborhood moms to watch my kids but that should be easy considering the number of times I've watched their kids during the afternoon.

I can drive or ride down to 146th and then do the 15 miles with you before I drive/ride back

KanyonKris said...

Ya, we should hook up for a ride.

If you don't mind driving down, we can go from my work.

Another options is you could ride south, and I ride north and we meet and ride from there.

You can send me an e-mail from the link on this blog. I think I have your cell so I'll text you so you have my #.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

I know every inch of that ride. I would think after all that snow and ice, that the I-15 frontage road would be riddled with pot holes. If you decide to include Traverse Ridge road over Suncrest in that loop, I'd love to join. Ever since leaving LinuxNetworx, I figured I would never HAVE to do I-15 frontage again.

KanyonKris said...

Good news, they repaved the west frontage road from the Utah County line north to a half mile or so before LNXI. That section of road was in the worst shape so the new pavement is sweet and smooth. It made the ride much nicer. Plus, there is much less traffic on the west side.

I'll let you know if I'm heading south again.