Radical Diet Change

Todd is a food crusader. He attacks beloved staples of the American diet with a religious zeal. While I may be able to dismiss some of his claims, he makes a lot of good points which have been nagging at my conscience. Today I took a HUGE step towards healthier eating - you may want to brace yourself. I was looking for a snack at the store and I spotted the Fig Newtons.

I love Fig Newtons and I consider them one of the healthier things I eat. But I saw a healthier alternative and I actually bought it:

Yeah, I can't believe I made this jump either! I couldn't believe how much better I felt - it was amazing! Although they did give me gas.


UtRider said...

Yeah baby. The healthier you eat, the stronger your gas. Not sure why that is, but unfortunately it's true.

irideiwrite said...

Speaking of gas, swimming gives me HUGE amounts of gas.

I think my breathing is so messed up that I swallow as much air as I exhale. After I'm done swimming, I either get stomach cramps or end up with a self-produced tailwind on the bike or running.

Mark, you may want to make sure I didn't just finish a swim the next time you want me to be your rabbit.

KDAY said...

Gas is defiantly a good sign!

Eat Sleep MTB said...

I am not a zealot, I simply make observations. Not sure about the gas thing, maybe you're a celiac.

KanyonKris said...

Does anyone buy that Todd isn't a healthy food zealot? ;-)

Just yanking your chain.