BST Again

The BST was so fun yesterday, I wanted to do it again today. I wasn't free to go until after noon. Partly because I got my new FSA XC-300 wheel setup (put on a tire and new cassette) on the Prophet with a new chain. Not the best day, weather-wise - lots of grey clouds with a forecast for rain/snow. But I went anyway. Here I am, the rider-of-many-bright-colors:

I climbed the paved road to the water tanks above the Orem Cemetery and jumped on the trail. Some dark clouds were rolling my way, but for now it was cold (around 40) but otherwise OK. I chugged up the first dirt climb and got pretty winded but kept going. At the small water tank above Northridge I saw a car and a guy with a bike, but I wasn't sure if he was starting or finishing so I kept rolling.

More climbing and I was annoyed at myself for being so slow and out of breath. But the trail was sloppy in spots and my tires were loaded with mud so maybe it was the extra weight and drag. Regardless, I kept rolling and stayed out of granny (my personal challenge to myself).

I crossed the Dry Canyon parking lot and started the next round of climbing with a light snow flurry. I wimped down to granny last time, but that wasn't going to happen again. I did OK until the end - it was muddy and steeper and it hurt, but I topped it in 2nd. Now the trail would be flatter, but the snow was coming down heavier:

After the exposed section I met Erin (local Pro XC racer and now road racing at Lindsey Wilson College) going the other way. We chatted for a bit, then another rider rolled up - it was Brad from back at the small water tank. Erin headed off and Brad and I continued on.

Unfortunately the snow was melting when it hit the ground making the trail muddy. As we descended we encountered more soup than I care for, but we had gravity on our side. At the end of the trail we kept going on the dirt road so I could show Brad the road that goes to Battle Creek Canyon.

My intent was to reverse course and take the BST back. But as we made our way to the trail, Brad broke his derailler hanger. He had a spare and installed it. As we started up the trail the going was not easy. My tires were caking up with mud and it took a lot of additional energy to keep rolling. After not very far I pulled the plug and decided to take the road back. Brad was back down the trail a short distance reporting that one of his derailler idler cogs was not turning. If there was any question that bailing was the right choice, that answered it.

We flew down the hill, getting chilled by the cold air and snow. Made our way to my house where Brad hosed off his bike and I changed out of my wet, muddy clothes. I drove him back to his car and he came back and loaded his bike in the trunk. Here's what my bike looked like (notice the snow build-up and mud):

And, yes, I highly recommend a good mud ride to break in new drive train components. I'm sure this one ride halved the life of that brand new chain. But on the plus side, it did shift nice.

Next week it looks like sunny weather, but I think I'll give the BST a few days to dry out before I ride it again.

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Eat Sleep MTB said...

Sorry I missed out, but thanks for the early morning invite. I have those same wheels on my Kona.