UofU BST: Primo Spring Dirt

I met Mark at the BST trail head near the Hoggle Zoo for a dirt ride. I pulled my bike out of the car and the rear tire was flat - fixed it. Mark arrived and headed up the trail, but my bike wasn't shifting - idler cog on the derailer wasn't turning but I got it going again with some lube. I caught up to Mark, who was waiting for me, and off we went. Didn't get too far before the chain broke - the chain was new as of two weeks ago - fixed it with a quick link. OK, so maybe that snow and mud ride did some damage to my bike. I was getting a bit annoyed and hoped that was the last of my mechanical problems. But it got to me a bit and I kept expecting something else to break with ever odd sound and steep spot. Fortunately the bike worked fine after the chain repair.

It's been a while since I rode the BST and Mark showed me a few fun alternate routes and offshoots. At Dry Creek we decided to go up until we hit mud, which was pretty far, given that it's only March after a heavy Winter. As we turned around Mark greeted 4 riders, 2 in Kuhl kits, that he called the Monday riders. (Only now, after some blog surfing, did I figure out the 4 riders were KDay, Tolbert, Alex G and Dave Welsh. I'm embarrassed I didn't recognize at least KDay since I read his blog and have seen photos of him there. Yes, I'm socially inept.) Then not far behind was Chris Fox hot in pursuit.

We rolled down Dry and then took the streets over to City Creek to ride some more dirt there. We rode up the BST and then kept going on the trail up City Creek. Part way up some guys on the road shouted to us that the trail is closed. Huh? OK, well back down we went. No sign at the junction. How do you close a trail to bikes but not post a sign? Lame. So I didn't feel too bad about poaching it.

Back on the street the Monday riders caught us and we rode together for a while. Nice (fast) guys out enjoying the dirt like us.

Coming back we ran into Bob and chatted for a bit.

We cruised back the easy way. I was pretty spent - I'll blame it on the road ride Saturday. I'm not going to complain about being tired from riding sweet dirt. A small price to pay.

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