20th Valentine's Day

Business first. Thanks to my (ex?) friend Mark the goal for the LEGSHAVE Challenge has been reached. I'll shave my legs tomorrow. I hope the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Team Fatty appreciate this sacrifice. Yes, I'll post all about it.

20 years ago was my first Valentine's Day with my soon-to-be-wife. I'm a lucky man to be with a woman who understands, tolerates and loves me.

We had planned to go cross country skiing and I convinced her it was still a good idea even though it was snowing and windy.

We drove to Canyon Glen Park and skied up the trail to Johnson's Hole (I mentioned it in this post). Then skied across the hole and bushwhacked up the back (north) side to the watertank road and down Dragon's Back then back down to the car.

We saw some deer and elk and generally had a good time skiing the new snow. The wind made it cold at times.

Here's a quick clip of Jolene skiing down a hill.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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