LEGSHAVE Challenge Extended

Sorry for the hiatus - I've been busy.

Since the donations trickled in towards the end of last week, I'm going to extend the LEGSHAVE Challenge to Valentine's Day. Will my wife enjoy my shaved legs? You decide. Donate now.

I've been trying to complete my 29er, but keep running into snags. I assembled the wheels and put them on the bike only to discover the tire hits the front derailer. (The previous owner ran it as a commuter so never noticed.) I have a different derailer style on order to (hopefully!) solve that problem. THEN it should be ready to ride.

I'm skiing Sundance tomorrow. Last day of their 40th anniversary deal - $20.

I'll be on some newer boards thanks to my sister-in-law. Still not current, but 2000 model skis are better than 1980s skis. A pair of K2 Merlin VIs. I'll post more about them later.

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Take lots of pic of Sundance...I've never been but it seems like a magical place.